Thorny’s Steakhouse

Thorny’s steakhouse is probably one of the best steakhouses in the Myrtle Beach area! Thorny’s is also commonly awarded for its falling off the bone scrumptious baby back ribs. While enjoying your meal at Thorny’s the children can play in the play area, you can play in the arcade, or you can watch your own TV set up at your personal tab! That’s my kind of relaxation while eating dinner!

Here you will sit back and enjoy a plate of fried mushrooms, a nice juicy steak, and a mouth watering piece of Key Lime Pie. There is nothing better than sitting on the beach all day in the hot sun knowing that you are headed for the biggest, juiciest, thickest steak you’ve ever seen that evening! Plus, you can’t beat the low kept prices at Thorny’s…anyone, even on a budget, can afford Thorny’s!

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