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Real Estate Sales in the New Year

The year 2011 was a great year for real estate sales and this year it is expected to be even better! With thousands of home buyers looking for property everyday there is most definitely a market for listing your home. Most buyers come in with a mindset on what they want and if it is not on the market then it makes the buying process a lot more difficult. However, if you are looking to sell your home then there is value in this. Having your home listed in this market is great news for potential home buyers and they will more likely buy it. If you are a potential seller and are looking to sell your home at a great deal now may be the time to do so. At SC Beach Real Estate, we are a company who is committed to selling your property easier and faster! If you would like more information on how you can list your property today, contact The Willis Team at 843-492-4411 and let us begin your selling process today!

Unique Places to Live Along the Grand Strand

Myrtle Beach homeAlong the Grand Strand there are several unique communities to call home. For instance, the more popular spots around the coastal area include: Myrtle Beach, Little River, Murrells Inlet, and North Myrtle Beach. With all of these communities being remarkably charming it’s the perfect location for coastal living.

For more than a century, traveling to Myrtle Beach has been one of the best places to visit and now days more people are settling in the largest community along the Grand Strand. With entertainment such as the Myrtle Beach State Park, Broadway at the Beach, an assortment of shops, restaurants, nightclubs, and attractions, Myrtle Beach is the place to be. There is also, the town of North Myrtle Beach that was founded more than 30 years ago and offers a wonderful family atmosphere with numerous fishing piers, shopping areas, and is home of the state’s dance, “The Shag.”

On the other hand, Carolina Forest Homeif you want to live at a slightly slower pace, Little River is known as a unique little town that lies just below the North Carolina border. In the 1700s, Little River was considered a refuge for pirates and Civil War blockade-runners in the 1800s. This quaint town is also very renowned for its Blue Crab Festival that is held each May. Another pleasant city along the Grand Strand is the Murrells Inlet community. This historic fishing village has earned the title of “sea-food capital of South Carolina,” and has an astonishing variety of fresh catches from its waters. Murrells Inlet also offers breathtaking inlet settings and activities such as: deep sea fishing, boat tours, kayaking, and much more!

With these wonderful communities, they have remarkable neighborhoods with price ranges to suit every budget. Whether you are a first-time home buyer, someone looking for retirement, or a vacation getaway, you’re bound to find the perfect location in the Grand Strand area. If you would like more information on real estate property, or Myrtle Beach rentals, contact SC Beach Real Estate at 843-492-4411 and our agents will be happy to assist you.

Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Most Affordable Real Estate

Of all the miles of coastal living between North and South Carolina to choose from, it can be a tough decision where to place your second home. Depending on what exactly you are looking for, be it a secluded island that can only be reached by ferry, or an area packed full of golf courses, this area is ideal for you! If you were to break the coastline down into three sections, you can see each segment is vastly different, however, still comfortably similar. The northern portion, including the Outer Banks of North Carolina, is perfect for those who enjoy the relaxed, beach-oriented atmosphere. Opposite of that is what’s considered “low country,” ranging from historic Charleston, SC to Hilton Head and Kiawah, which is considered to be the ritziest and most elaborate area. For those who are not looking for either of those extremes, you can always meet in the middle – Myrtle Beach real estate. This is idyllic for those who are interested in a mixture of the two. Located from Wilmington, NC to Georgetown, SC, this area spans both states’ coastal region. This region most often accentuates family activities, world class golf for the avid golfer and contains the most affordable options. It is also home to the infamous Myrtle Beach, which has 60 miles alone in beautiful coastline. Whichever area appeals to you, SC Beach Real Estate is here to help you through whatever it takes to make this area your home! So give us a call today and let’s start your second home search!

Myrtle Beach Real Estate Area

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Myrtle Beach Real Estate Market Update

Local Myrtle Beach Real Estate Market Better Than National Average

The Commerce Department released a report last week revealing that July sales nationwide were bleak, with the numbers of new and existing homes lower than they have been in decades. But in Myrtle Beach, the outlook is not nearly as dire, mostly because of the unique nature of real estate in the region. Good news for the Grand Strand real estate market!

The unique nature of Myrtle Beach real estate is making a difference. The expiration of the $8,000 tax credit in April may have slowed down sales to first-time home buyers in more traditional markets and U.S. cities. Many buyers in Myrtle Beach communities are investors or vacation home buyers, and the tax credit did not make much difference.

This recent report from the Commerce Department illustrates what a great time it is to get excited about the local market. Prices are low, low, low, and buyers have a diverse and extensive pool of properties to consider. Contact The Willis Team today to help navigate the market!

South Carolina Real Estate

When contemplating the Real Estate market of South Carolina, you have to put all the factors in line that make the real estate market what it is today. In South Carolina, there are numerous of amounts of options to choose from when choosing the right property for you! If it’s the smell of the ocean breeze and sand beneath your toes, you’re going to find Coastal living to be right up your alley; others may enjoy wooded backyards with secluded house in the country. Beautiful landscapes and friendly southern people help define the unique style and appeal of South Carolina. South Carolina has a thriving tourism industry that generates revenue, attracts tourist worldwide, and creates jobs; with this the Palmetto State is known to attract close to 30 million visitors a year. Myrtle Beach is the popular tourist destination, whereas Charleston is a city of history and culture. Hilton Head Island, is linked to the mainland of South Carolina, is renowned as a fashionable holiday town. So whether you’re looking to buy a second home in a booming tourist town, or you’re ready to grow your roots in the heart of South Carolina, We have everything you’re looking for!

Myrtle Beach Real Estate

When considering Myrtle Beach Real Estate, most people are thinking of the area from Little River to Pawley’s Island stretching along the 60 miles of pristine coastline known as “The Grand Strand”. Myrtle Beach is one of the most desired places to vacation in the Southeast, as well as becoming the permanent home choice for more and more people. With recent downfall of the nation’s economy, the Myrtle Beach area was affected tremendously; it makes right now the right time to save on Myrtle Beach Real Estate. With prices at an ultimate low, homes and condos are now considerably less than their original value. Whether you’re looking for vacation, residential, or commercial properties, you’ll find it priced right! Investing in real estate in Myrtle Beach has become very popular to many that like the idea of renting to vacationers while enjoying vacationing themselves to their properties. The area is perfect for retirees, families, couples, or singles because Myrtle Beach offers a diverse lifestyle. With first class accommodations consisting of: shopping, golf, dining, and entertainment, there’s numerous ways to satisfy the whole families needs. Don’t miss your once in a lifetime chance to save on Myrtle Beach Real Estate.

Myrtle Beach Real Estate Beginning to Stabilize

The Myrtle Beach area is beginning to find its footing in the real estate market. Sales have increased in single family homes by 25% in May and by 11% for condos. While sales have been increasing, prices seem to be decreasing! In May, single family home prices fell by 5%, while condos fell by 1%.

Tom Maeser, a real estate analyst, made the statement that sales can’t keep going up and prices can’t keep going down. Agencies may start to see decreases in the amount of sales and price drops, but this is only signaling stabilization in the market. Once the prices begin to increase, so does competition.

Maeser doesn’t expect to see huge differences in where we are right now with the market, but he does expect gradual improvement. He descries the market like dribbling a basketball, some months there will be increases and some months there will be decreases. But overall, he expects the market to start smoothing out from this point on. We can’t go backwards…we can only go forwards!

Black Creek Plantation

Tired of living in a neighborhood where houses are right on top of each other? This exclusive gated community located in Carolina Forest, offers some of the largest lots available in Myrtle Beach, ranging anywhere from one to three acres, Black Creek Plantation. The community offers a quiet, peaceful secluded atmosphere, although located in Carolina Forest, Black Creek Plantation feels likes it miles from the attractions and bright lights of Myrtle Beach. Consisting of custom, estate sized homes starting at 3000 heated square feet and up. All homes are situated on very large wooded lots, giving you a private secluded feeling you’ve been looking for. So when you’re ready to move into your dream home or build it, contact SC Beach Real Estate making your transition stress free!

Walkers Woods

Located in the heart of Carolina Forest, Walkers Woods is the family neighborhood you’ve been looking for. When it comes to family fun, this neighborhood streets are filled with kids on bikes, skateboards, roller blades, you name it! With the smell of fresh cut grass, and BBQ on the grill it’s easy to make Walkers Woods your full time residence or just the ideal community for your second home. Offering basketball courts, playground, pool, and community clubhouse, this neighborhood has everything to offer to a growing family. So when your ready to settle in the neighborhood you’ve always dreamed about, contact SC Beach Real Estate where finding your home is our number 1 priority!


Conveniently located in Carolina Forest, Avalon is a popular family neighborhood that welcomes you with a magnificent stone built waterfall entrance. The wide roads and manicured open areas run throughout the neighborhood allowing great spacious grassy knolls for the kids to play in. Avalon offers an 11-acre community center that features a junior Olympic swimming pool, softball and soccer fields, full size basketball court, playground, and much more! Avalon also has on site security, allowing you to feel safe at home. So if you’re looking for a family neighborhood conveniently located close to the beach, Avalon is the place for you!