SC Beach Real Estate Home Watch

SC Beach Real Estate Home Watch is a full service personal property management team that fully cares for your home in time of absence. With that being said, SC Beach Real Estate Home Watch offers a variety of services for homeowners and visitors all along the Grand Strand. So forget the stress of being away from your home, SC Beach Real Estate Home Watch allows you the peace of mind knowing that your property is being fully cared for. Our professionals are fully trained to spot any arising problem and handle it in an acceptable solution; we ensure that all is done to your specifications.

A sampling of home watch services:

– Sign of vandalism and break-ins

– Overgrown grass and treatment of weeds

– Broken tree limbs and trees

– Roofing shingles or other coverings

– Exterior lighting

– Removal of yard debris

– Irrigation systems and drainage issues

– Drain spouts

– Broken windows and doors

SC Beach Home Watch is also proud to provide all landscaping and lawn service around the Grand Strand. With full service provided ranging anywhere from:

– Full-service design and installation

– Decorative construction

– Patios & Driveways

– Construction of arbors, gazebos and trellises

– Irrigation system installation

– Outdoor lighting design & installation

– Planting of trees and shrubs

– Installation of fountains and other water features

– Herb and Vegetable gardens

– HOA/POA applications

– Grass & shrubbery cutting

– Bed weeding & maintenance

– Fertilization

– Pine straw & mulch applications

– Full-service subdivision, apartments/condominium grounds property care

Home Watch’s team of professionals offer home maintenance

– Interior and exterior painting

– Carpentry; installation of ceiling fans and lighting fixtures

– Roof and gutter repairs and cleaning

– Minor plumbing repairs

– Heating & air conditioning preventive maintenance and upkeep

– Pressure washing

– Storm panel installation and removal

– Wide range of “handy man” services

– Home inventory systems

With SC Beach Real Estate Home Watch, living is simply care free whether you’re here or away! So let our Home Watch be your personal property management team. The sole purpose is to be your watchdog and advocate in your absence. We can arrange for any necessary repairs, installations or deliveries to your home. You can be assured that any decisions made or actions taken are always made in your best interest! So, call today and let us do the hard work for you!

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