Myrtle Beach Camping Vacation

With the sun not nearly as scorching hot, and that fall breeze beginning to chap your lips, one favorite pastime of autumn is that of camping. And when you combine campfire stories, s’mores, and the beach, what could be better? Myrtle Beach camping is an experience you definitely don’t want to pass up. Whether you are an RV camper or more of the rugged pitch-a-tent and curl up in a sleeping back, Myrtle Beach has an area for you! There are plenty of RV parks that hold exciting activities for families and people of all ages. Taking part in fossil shell hunts on the beach, beach parties, or taking a dip in large swimming pools are just a few options. Of course you’re not confined to just the RV Park, you are more than encouraged to venture out to see what all Myrtle Beach has to offer, from the Grand Strand’s live shows and nightlife to the tons of options of dining and shopping. After you visit the town and return to your campsite, then do it all over again the next day! We love having visitors at Myrtle Beach and adore seeing you more than once! Camping is one thing. Camping oceanfront is a completely separate experience that everyone should try out. So pack up the car or RV and head out here to enjoy not only that nighttime chill but also that cool ocean breeze as you drift away to dreamland, you’ll be glad you did!