Real Estate Sales in the New Year

The year 2011 was a great year for real estate sales and this year it is expected to be even better! With thousands of home buyers looking for property everyday there is most definitely a market for listing your home. Most buyers come in with a mindset on what they want and if it is not on the market then it makes the buying process a lot more difficult. However, if you are looking to sell your home then there is value in this. Having your home listed in this market is great news for potential home buyers and they will more likely buy it. If you are a potential seller and are looking to sell your home at a great deal now may be the time to do so. At SC Beach Real Estate, we are a company who is committed to selling your property easier and faster! If you would like more information on how you can list your property today, contact The Willis Team at 843-492-4411 and let us begin your selling process today!

Luxury Homes

Paradise Island - Luxury HomesSublime beaches, gorgeous gardens, serene spas, and luxuriant golf courses are what make Myrtle Beach, South Carolina a great place to live. This metropolitan coastal town is one of the most bold, beautiful, and striking locations along the southeast and has the essence of classic southern charm. In Myrtle Beach, you can pamper yourself with unlimited luxury and relax on the most gorgeous white sandy beaches. Entertainment is limitless in Myrtle Beach, and there are several premier outlets for shopping, five star restaurants for dining, and endless nightlife galore. If you are looking for luxury homes in Myrtle Beach, you will find some of the most exotic, fashionable, and modern luxury estates around. The area is abundant in panoramic views of the ocean and is steeped in rich southern history. Upscale communities such as: The Grande Dunes and Plantation Lakes offer comfortable, contemporary, and elaborate lifestyles. The Grande Dunes community is inspired by Mediterranean luxury and is the essence of superb upscale living. If you would like more information on luxury homes in Myrtle Beach contact SC Beach Real Estate at 843-492-4411 or by email at and we can guide you to modern luxury.

Myrtle Beach Rentals

Anderson Ocean Club - Myrtle Beach RentalMyrtle Beach, South Carolina is one of the most famous family friendly beaches in the United States. Every year millions of people travel to the area’s southern coast for great food, exceptional entertainment, nightlife, and beautiful white sandy beaches! Myrtle Beach is also well-known for their immaculate golf courses, amusement parks, marinas, shopping, and water parks! With great hospitality and gorgeous scenery, what more could you ask for? If you are interested in Myrtle Beach or North Myrtle Beach rentals along the coast you should first look into what kind of rental property you are interested in. For example, oceanfront condos and homes are the most popular rental properties in the area and can accommodate everyone’s sandy desires. With beach rental condos, you have the advantage of having numerous amenities such as: indoor and outdoor pools, jacuzzis, spas, restaurants, game rooms, outdoor cabanas, housekeeping, and much more! However, always consider capacity when renting a condo. Quite often, condos can become over crowded when there are larger numbers and if this becomes an issue many find beach homes more compatible. When having a beach home you have more available space and privacy, and this is always an advantage. Whatever your preference may be, Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach rentals are always satisfying.

If you would like more information on rental properties contact The Willis Team at 843-492-4411 or by contact form and we will help make your dream home or vacation a perfect paradise!

North Myrtle Beach Rentals

Avista - North Myrtle Beach RentalsNorth Myrtle Beach rentals are the perfect getaway for any vacation. With an array of white sandy beaches, sparkling blue Atlantic, and endless entertainment, this makes a perfect place for vacations and living. With millions of families traveling to the area each year, it is considered the No. 1 Family Beach in America. North Myrtle Beach is also famous for its beautiful and luxurious golf courses and world renowned seafood restaurants! If you are looking for a North Myrtle Beach rental you should understand that there is a wide range of options to choose from. For instance, there are short term and long term rentals, oceanfront and second row, as well as homes and condos.

When choosing a North Myrtle Beach rental, always consider the type of occasion. If you are taking a family vacation, short term rentals are your best option. Seasonal rentals are usually during the summer months and typically require a week’s stay. Annual rentals, or long term rentals are generally used by those looking to stay in the area for months at a time to a year. Also, taking into consideration the rental property location and type is very important. Location is generally the most important aspect when it comes to staying at the beach. Most people like to choose between oceanfront property or second row. For some, oceanfront is considered the best way to enjoy the beach life. House Rentals North Myrtle BeachHowever, oceanfront rentals in North Myrtle Beach can be more costly and many choose the best alternative, which is second row. The main difference between oceanfront and second row house or condo rental is of course direct beach access. Oceanfront rental property is directly located on the beach and second row is directly behind oceanfront. However, most second row rental properties still have an ocean view but require a short walk to the beach. Location of course, coexists with the type of rental property and choosing between condos and homes can be difficult. Most condo rentals offer great amenities such as: pools, lazy rivers, restaurants, spas, conference and fitness rooms, housekeeping, and much more! However, the amount of space can be a downfall to larger families and they may find it too close for comfort. As a result, many find rental homes more accessible, convenient, and private. Some homes even have private pools and yards which is great family fun!

If you would like more information on rental properties contact The Willis Team at 843-492-4411 or by email at and we will help make your dream home or vacation a perfect paradise!

Cherry Grove Rentals

Cherry Grove HomeSearching for that perfect Cherry Grove rental or trying to determine if Cherry Grove is the right place for you? Cherry Grove Beach is located in North Myrtle Beach which includes a variety of rentals which include oceanfront homes, oceanfront condos, and houses along the channel. Cherry Grove is one of the most peaceful, serene, and famous communities along the Grand Strand. Just below the North Carolina state line, it is one of the oldest residential areas and offers a fantastic place for families. Cherry Grove is also minutes away from two marinas to dock the boat or rent some jet skis. These Marinas also have waterfront dining and entertainment located in North Myrtle Beach and Little River both locations less than 10 minutes away. Cherry Grove conveniently has a grocery store steps from the ocean along with Cherry Grove’s famous pizzeria Basils, Dairy Hut’s Ice cream, and many more irresistible locations. It is also home to the Cherry Grove Pier that has record-setting catches including a world record 1780lb. Tiger Shark and a record 98 lb. Tarpon. Cherry Grove is also one of the best beaches along the Grand Strand and on the East Coast. This area also connects to the North Myrtle Beach Main Street where the Shag dance was created. Also, just minutes away from the heart of Myrtle Beach if your feeling adventurous and want to ride the world’s largest Ferris wheel with over one million LED lights and walk the newly built boardwalk this is where it all happens. This is a great location and offers a little bit of everything, including great restaurants, miniature and regular golf courses, shopping, and is a great place to just relax! The beaches have plenty of free places to park and are the perfect family location.

Affordable Second Homes and Vacation Homes

Grande Dunes Myrtle Beach Model HomeToday the housing prices are more affordable than ever! Not only are the primary homes affordable but the secondary homes are now just as easy to come by. According to The Wall Street Journal, secondary homes use to be out of price range for many but now they are viable options. This means that homes that once were $1,000,000+ are now being offered for significantly less. For instance, Myrtle Beach has had a number of properties that sold for over 1 million a few years ago now listed well under 1 million. Another property in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina sold for $1.2 million back in June 2006. That same property was resold in April 2011 for $750,000. Price cuts such as this are making buyers take note and are seizing these great opportunities. However, The Wall Street Journal indicates that the second home housing market won’t stay this way forever so those who are looking to buy should seize the moment. According to the National Association of Realtors, more than 80 percent of second home buyers have bought their homes for the enjoyment and a place to live. Last year 36 percent of the vacation home sales were all cash transactions and that increased from 2009 when the figure was just under 30 percent. If you are looking for a second home, then now may be the best time to shop and find a great bargain!

Cherry Grove Vacation Rentals

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Cherry Grove Vacation RentalsThe Cherry Grove area of North Myrtle Beach, has some of the most prestigious condos and homes around the Grand Strand area that are perfect vacation rentals. With an affordable and an alternative way to the usual North Myrtle Beach hotel room, oceanfront condos, beach homes, and luxury villas, make for a first class vacation while staying at the beach. With a Cherry Grove vacation rental, you have the comfort and extravagance of enjoying your own space and privacy. There are also great amenities and entertainment available that you may not have while staying in a hotel. For instance, having the ability to comfortably enjoy your vacation makes you feel right at home. You can also save money by cooking meals in your kitchen or even split costs with a group. There are also amenities such as pools, hot tubs and spas, lazy rivers, and much more offered at condos and this allows for great fun and relaxation. With Cherry Grove rentals, not only do you have great amenities but you also have a perfect location for fishing, swimming, and strolls along the beautiful white sandy beach.

Ocean Keyes Rentals

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Ocean Keyes - Ocean Drive RentalsLocated on 50 scenic acres in the Ocean Drive section of North Myrtle Beach, sits Ocean Keyes, a coastal community offering anywhere from lakefront town homes to Intracoastal Waterway condos. With a handful of choices, Ocean Keyes offers a selection of neighborhoods with a variety of designs and views. Each property is equipped with open floor plan, so whether you’re looking for a long-term or short-term rental, Ocean Keyes is fully set with all your vacation needs! Beach Villas are available with 9 ft ceilings, granite counter tops in kitchen, GE appliances, with marble counters in bathroom, and durability impact-resistant windows and sliding glass doors for maximum storm protection; 7 individually designed layouts to choose from. Our Lakeside town homes offer private elevators in each unit, two-car garage, granite counter top in kitchen, 9ft ceilings, Ocean Keyes - Ocean Drive RentalsGE appliances, ceramic tile floors in bathroom with marble counter tops, screened porch off living room and master bedroom and a balcony off kitchen/breakfast area; 2 custom planned floor plans. Apart from the excellent location and numerous options, Ocean Keyes offer world-class amenities attracting renters from all over including: six 50’ pools with sundecks, 4 kiddie pools, 6 hot tubs, fitness facility, tennis courts, outdoor grilling and picnic areas, and much more. This seaside community is less than 300 feet from the oceanfront, great for a breezy golf cart ride to the Blue Atlantic. So if you’ll be looking for the perfect Ocean Drive rental property, Ocean Keyes has got it all! Call SC Beach Real Estate, where we make sure you vacation is sure to be you will remember!

Myrtle Beach Luxury Rentals

Myrtle Beach Luxury RentalsLuxury rentals in Myrtle Beach are the new trend on the rise. With neighborhoods boosting more elegant, deluxe, eco-friendly homes located in desirable communities; just within reach of everything Myrtle Beach has to offer. The characteristics that define luxury rentals differ; location largely defines the property’s value especially with respect to whether it offers views of waterfront, amenities or location such as proximity to golf courses, and school districts.

Myrtle Beach Luxury Design

Some define luxury by square footage; the fact is that the planning and design that goes into room placement can provide more usable rooms while using less space. Another advantage of luxury living is gated entrances, only permitting residents and their guest access. There is a growing desire in families to ensure safely for their loved ones; allowing families a sense of security for: children to play, privacy, and safety. As well as Luxury homes boost elegant designs, extravagant furnishings, and remarkable improvements such as wine cellars, extensive landscaped gardens, themed swimming pools, and some even in home movie theatres.

Myrtle Beach Luxury Rental Condos

Myrtle Beach Luxury Rental CondosA luxury rental condo will generally be located in a desirable location near top restaurants, entertainment, and various attractions. Your luxury condo should be in a building that is extremely well maintained and the common areas should be elegantly decorated and kept very clean. Inside your condos, the rooms should appear spacious and airy with tasteful décor, endowed with very good quality furniture and furnishings.

Luxury Myrtle Beach Living

Luxury living not only allows residents to enjoy just about anything in the comfort of their home but the amenities in the community are far from standard. A luxury Luxury Rental Amenitiescommunity heightens the standards of amenities usually offering: resort-style pool, hot tubs, work out facility, on-site dining, golf course designed by top architects, yacht facilities which include private marina and boat docks, and gated entrances. There are an assorted amount of styles of luxury living; some prefer to live in a house providing slightly more privacy, others may enjoy a spacious apartment, or elegant golf villa or town home.

Luxury Rentals

Whichever your preference, luxury living is the “new age” of living. On the other hand, located throughout Myrtle Beach, there are various luxury home communities offering all the key elements for luxury living. If you are interested in finding out more information about Luxury Homes in the Grand Strand, contact SC Beach Real Estate today, where we work around the clock for you!

Carolina Forest Rentals and Real Estate

Carolina Forest HomesNestled between the historic downtown of Conway, and tourist destination of Myrtle Beach, lies the recently developed community of Carolina Forest. Situated just west of the Intracoastal Waterway, and just 5 minutes from the beach, Carolina Forest is in a prime location. Known as the fastest growing area of Myrtle Beach, Carolina Forest sits on 12,000 acres of land, a community where hundreds of acres of parks crisscross with hiking trails and the preservation of the environment continue paramount to the lifestyle.

Carolina Forest Property

All subdivisions within the Carolina Forest Community are designed specifically to fit a wide range of financial needs, family sizes, and housing options such as houses, apartments and town homes. Carolina Forest takes pride in its school system, receiving the blue ribbon and rated Excellent on the State Report card; making it a desirable school district for parents to place their kids in.

Carolina Forest Golf

Carolina Forest GolfFor those of you who love golf, there are three courses to satisfy any golfer’s desire at Carolina Forest. The Man O’ War Golf Club is integrated with an attractive 100 acre lake featuring many islands, finger lagoons, inlets and tributaries, all lending to the challenge of the course. The second course is the Wizard and to wrap up the Carolina Forest trio is The Witch.

Carolina Forest Community

The master planned community encompasses homes and family focused neighborhoods, as well as varied dining and nightlife, shopping, grocery store, gas stations, banks, and top notch schools. If you are interested in property in Carolina Forest or surrounding areas, call SC Beach Real Estate today!