Jet Ski Dolphin Tours

Ever wondered what it would be like if you were so close to the dolphins, you could literally reach out and touch them? That is exactly what Jet Ski Dolphin Tours are trying to help people accomplish. A popular spot in Myrtle Beach would be Thomas Outdoors Water Sports. These tours generally cost around $135 per Jet Ski (Jet Skis fit up to 3 people), which includes a two hour tour of the inlet itself. Instructors will begin you off by getting you to fill out some paperwork and they will spend a little time instructing you on Jet Ski safety. After that, YOU”RE OFF!

These tours are so incredible. You will spend your tour taking in all of the beauties Myrtle Beach has to offer, including its dolphins. Plus, you will have a blast hitting the waves and getting soaked! If you are lucky you could see anywhere from 15-100 dolphins following shrimp boats into the ocean. When you complete your tour you are able to purchase pictures that the guide shoots during the tour for about $25. This is an excellent thing to do no matter if you are out with the family or on your first date…Jet Ski Dolphin Tours are surely something you will never forget!