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Of all the miles of coastal living between North and South Carolina to choose from, it can be a tough decision where to place your second home. Depending on what exactly you are looking for, be it a secluded island that can only be reached by ferry, or an area packed full of golf courses, this area is ideal for you! If you were to break the coastline down into three sections, you can see each segment is vastly different, however, still comfortably similar. The northern portion, including the Outer Banks of North Carolina, is perfect for those who enjoy the relaxed, beach-oriented atmosphere. Opposite of that is what’s considered “low country,” ranging from historic Charleston, SC to Hilton Head and Kiawah, which is considered to be the ritziest and most elaborate area. For those who are not looking for either of those extremes, you can always meet in the middle – Myrtle Beach real estate. This is idyllic for those who are interested in a mixture of the two. Located from Wilmington, NC to Georgetown, SC, this area spans both states’ coastal region. This region most often accentuates family activities, world class golf for the avid golfer and contains the most affordable options. It is also home to the infamous Myrtle Beach, which has 60 miles alone in beautiful coastline. Whichever area appeals to you, SC Beach Real Estate is here to help you through whatever it takes to make this area your home! So give us a call today and let’s start your second home search!

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