Myrtle Beach Vacation – The Best Mile

The Myrtle Beach Boardwalk is an exciting relativity new attraction in Myrtle Beach. The beach boardwalk stretches from the 2nd Avenue Pier to the 14th Avenue Pier and is home to several festivals and events all summer long. For instance, the Ocean Boulevard’s Hot Summer Nights at Plyler Park is a main attraction that features live concerts on Tuesdays and Saturdays, A “Kid’s Carnival” on Monday nights, and amazing fireworks show on Wednesday nights! The 1.2 mile-long oceanfront boardwalk also features numerous shops and restaurants along its path and is divided into three sections.

The northernmost portion stretches from the 14th Avenue North Pier to Plyler Park. The mid-section is located from Plyler Park to the former Pavilion Amusement Park site at 8th Avenue North and has a more carnival-like atmosphere with oceanfront dining and businesses. The Southernmost end leads down to the 2nd Avenue Pier and has an oceanfront park.

Some interesting facts about the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk is that is took nine months to build and cost close to $7 million to make. There are also about 800,000 feet of lumber, 300,000 nails, 555,000 screws, and 10,000 bolts that make up the boardwalk!

Myrtle Beach Vacation Marketing Efforts

On Tuesday, the Myrtle Beach business leaders found out how well their marketing efforts turned out from last year. The Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce hired the Equation Research to present the results of the 2010 Conversion/Economic Impact Study. According to the Chamber officials in February, they told the Myrtle Beach City Council that the marketing efforts worded and according to Equation Research, “a third of visitors and advertising influenced their decision to come to Myrtle Beach.” With that said the marketing to bring in tourist made $307 for every dollar spent on marketing based for those who asked about the Myrtle Beach Vacationbeach and eventually came to the area. In 2010, there were about 66 percent of website visitors who came to the beach and resulted in more than 1 million travel parties last year.

Also, according to the research presented, “each visiting party spent, on average, the most on accommodations, $604; followed by $513 on restaurants/groceries, and $444 on shopping, as well as more on golf, entertainment, transportation and miscellaneous items. The spending is based on a survey of 2,270 people who requested information and came here last year.” Phil Vassar, the chairmen of the chamber’s marketing council stated that “ considering all the statistics, the sales tax has boosted business at the beach, luring folks to stay in hotels, eat out and play the golf courses…we take it all in and evaluate it all together…the marketing brought an increased number of people in here.” The Myrtle Beach officials say that the momentum of last year should continue into this summer and with new attractions such as the SkyWheel and WonderWorks, there is sure to be even better results!

Myrtle Beach Top Vacation Destination

Myrtle Beach has become one of the most popular family vacation destinations in the United States. The Myrtle Beach area has numerous events, great beaches and unlimited entertainment. In addition, there are over 250 golf courses and with the area being a milder climate, golfers travel year around to enjoy the best of the beach. The area has about 15 million visitors annually and is a huge vacation destination for those of the inland cities of North and South Carolina. has even named Myrtle Beach as number 8 on their list of having Great Vacation Homes. On their site they feature a compact cottage that has great amenities. They state “who needs to rattle around in a lot of extra space on vacation anyway…the beach is steps away and offers beach chair and umbrella rentals. In addition, the community has swimming pools, miniature golf, oceanfront playgrounds, and security.” Myrtle Beach Vacation RentalsWith vacations homes becoming even more affordable who wouldn’t want to take on the opportunity to enjoy the best of the beach. According to, “the median price of a vacation home was $150,000 in 2010, down 11.2% from a year earlier…in contrast, the national median for primary residences fell only 4.5% in 2010, according to the National Association of Realtors.” With the fall in prices this will open more opportunities for more families to buy a vacation home at an affordable rate. If you are looking for a second-home, then the Myrtle Beach area is a great choice! With family-friendly beaches, entertainment, and shopping, who wouldn’t want to spend their vacation here?

Myrtle Beach Rentals Almost Full

Are you waiting to make last minute Easter plans to visit the Grand Strand? Well, maybe you should reconsider the options and book now! This Easter along Myrtle Beach there is an expected increase in rental occupancy. With Easter being late this year the Grand Strand is expecting greater numbers than previous years. Tourism officials say that the rentals are starting to fill up and anticipating hotels and condo hotels to be virtually full for the weekend of Easter. Also, the beach houses and condos rented on a weekly basis is already 87 percent booked and that is 21 percent points higher than the same Myrtle Beach Rentalstime last year. The occupancy will begin to gain further last-minute bookings which lead up to the holiday. For hotels and condo hotels, there is an expected 90 percent to 98 percent full occupancy, which is 70 percent higher that last Easter weekend. The spring occupancy is expected to be consistently up about 20 percent for the Oceana Resorts and is showing wonderful signs for the summer season. So pack your bags, book now, and load up the family to spend your Easter holiday at the beach!

Myrtle Beach Vacation Options

When planning your weekend getaway or vacation, a lot of factors go into it. Choosing a destination and place to stay at are some of the biggest factors. Well the perfect location to visit is a no-brainer, Myrtle Beach. However finding the best place to stay can be more challenging. Chances are, you’ll find an amazing resort to stay at, but because of the cost, what you do on your escape-from-reality may be compromised. Well if this is the tight spot you’re in, don’t fret because that’s what Myrtle Beach Condos are for! Designed for space, condos here are ideal for vacations. They are spacious and can accommodate quite a number of guests. Every condo has that touch-of-home kind of feeling to it, even when you are hundreds, or thousands, Myrtle Beach Vacation Rental Optionsof miles away from your residence. Now since the condos are surrounded by everything Myrtle Beach has to offer, finding activities to fill your time will be no problem. There’s plenty to do to keep you occupied and when all else fails, the beach is right here! The best part about staying at a condo on your vacation is price. With all Myrtle Beach has to offer and that home-like touch condos provide, it’s shocking to see how much money you can save since condos are easy to afford! In fact, staying at a condo when you’re here is a lot more reasonable than the lowest priced hotel rooms, especially when you take into account all the benefits!

Vacation To Myrtle Beach

Sometimes when you plan a vacation, finding a place to stay is the least of your worries. It’s finding the attractions and what to do to keep you busy and looking for more adventure that’s the hard part of vacation planning. Vacation to Myrtle BeachThat’s why Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is your one stop shop! Myrtle Beach is packed with activities to take part in, no matter what you may be looking for. This is the ideal location for singles, couples and families alike. Plus everyone can find something to be a part no matter what their taste or budget, which is always helpful! For starters, there are over 100 challenging golf courses for the avid golfer. Perhaps you are more of a night owl and enjoy going out on the town, Myrtle Beach has that too with many themes to choose from like country, rock, and shag, which was “born” here. If you’re a night person who doesn’t so much enjoy the party scene, there are great comedy clubs to visit as well. Of course, what’s in a name? Myrtle Beach has an amazing stretch of white sand and the beautifully sparkling Atlantic right at its fingertips, making it ideal for the beach bum. Now say you are looking for a calmer and quiet area without so much hustle and bustle, that’s where North Myrtle Beach comes into play! About 18 miles north of the heart of Myrtle Beach, it’s close enough to join in on the fun and excitement, but it’s far enough away that you aren’t caught up in the crowd. No matter what you are looking to do during your vacation, you can find it all in Myrtle Beach, so get going on booking your reservations to come see us!

Myrtle Beach Camping Vacation

With the sun not nearly as scorching hot, and that fall breeze beginning to chap your lips, one favorite pastime of autumn is that of camping. And when you combine campfire stories, s’mores, and the beach, what could be better? Myrtle Beach camping is an experience you definitely don’t want to pass up. Whether you are an RV camper or more of the rugged pitch-a-tent and curl up in a sleeping back, Myrtle Beach has an area for you! There are plenty of RV parks that hold exciting activities for families and people of all ages. Taking part in fossil shell hunts on the beach, beach parties, or taking a dip in large swimming pools are just a few options. Of course you’re not confined to just the RV Park, you are more than encouraged to venture out to see what all Myrtle Beach has to offer, from the Grand Strand’s live shows and nightlife to the tons of options of dining and shopping. After you visit the town and return to your campsite, then do it all over again the next day! We love having visitors at Myrtle Beach and adore seeing you more than once! Camping is one thing. Camping oceanfront is a completely separate experience that everyone should try out. So pack up the car or RV and head out here to enjoy not only that nighttime chill but also that cool ocean breeze as you drift away to dreamland, you’ll be glad you did!

Myrtle Beach Vacation Planning

While planning for your upcoming Myrtle Beach vacation, looking for a place to stay is the key to it all. You want to make sure you will have a nice stay as well as are in a good area where you can fully enjoy all the area has to offer. In coming to Myrtle Beach, look no further, the best place to stay would be the Myrtle Beach Resort. Sitting on thirty three acres of land, the Myrtle Beach Resort offers a lot more that just your average hotel stay. If the more than seven hundred feet of sandy white beaches isn’t quite your cup of tea, do not worry, the Myrtle Beach Resort has plenty of pools. If you are just looking to relax on the water without floating out to sea, there is a lazy river pool that is 375 feet long! If you are looking to splash around or swim some laps, then you can pick from any of the other four outdoor pools. There are also two more indoor pools if you would rather not venture into the scorching sun, or if the weather just isn’t up to par. Myrtle Beach vacations are for relaxing, and it is very easy to relax at the Myrtle Beach Resort! There are health spas that have saunas, steam rooms, relaxing massages are offered to melt your cares away along with manicures, pedicures and even a hair salon. So while you plan your Myrtle Beach vacation with us, take a breath because now you already know where to stay: Myrtle Beach Resort!

Myrtle Beach Resort – Myrtle Beach Vacation

Resort Vacation in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach Vacation at Family Fun

Looking for some family fun time, but not sure where to start? Why not take a quick trip to Myrtle Beach and enjoy what the entire city has to offer! The Grand Strand is sixty miles worth of beautiful white sandy beaches! The wonderful accommodations, friendly people, and spectacular entertainment is what makes Myrtle Beach so popular. You can spend you time in Myrtle Beach doing just about anything you ever dreamed of!

Dining While on Your Myrtle Beach Vacation

Greg Norman'sDining is a major part of what makes Myrtle Beach so famous. We are locally known for our unique tasting seafood, called Calabash. With over 1700 restaurants, you can always find something that suits your taste buds. In the mood for seafood…why not try out Bennett’s Calabash. In the mood for steak…take a trip on down to Thorny’s Steakhouse. What if you are looking for something new and tasty…Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse is a must-try!

Myrtle Beach Vacation Entertainment

What if you want something to do after dinner? There are plenty of shows in the area to keep you entertained. Dixie StampedeYou could make reservations at the Dixie Stampede, and watch civil war era horseman and horses put on an act. Or you could head to Alabama Theatre to watch world famous singers such as Loretta Lynn and Charlie Pride perform. Don’t really like country music, Legends in Concert is sure to have some legendary singer you enjoy. You could also head to Medieval Times to enjoy a quick round of jousting.

Myrtle Beach Vacation Shopping

Are you more of a shopping kind of person? Well, a Myrtle Beach vacation has everything you need. You can head on down to the Market Common to enjoy some upscale dining and shopping. Are you looking for discounts…head on down to the two locations of Tanger Outlets? They have every name brand imaginable at unbelievable prices. And of course we have two malls, filled with stores and restaurants to entertain.
Coastal Grand Shopping Mall
Myrtle Beach is also full of entertaining parks and pavilions. There is the Family Kingdom, the only oceanfront theme park in Myrtle Beach. You can get wet and wild at Myrtle Waves Water Park. One can also enjoy there time walking around Broadway at the Beach and Barefoot Landing. There is just so much to do in Myrtle Beach and not enough time to do it all! This is definitely one of the most family friendly places to spend your Myrtle Beach vacation!

Myrtle Beach Vacation – The Perfect Place For A Vacation

Are you looking for the perfect vacation full of sun, sand, and laughter? A Myrtle Beach vacation has it all! Myrtle Beach was incorporated in 1938 and became its own city in 1957. Named after the wax myrtle, a local abundant shrub, Myrtle Beach has become one of the most popular vacation destinations in America. Visitors anticipate the golf, shopping, dining, and world class entertainment. Myrtle Beach was even selected as the “Best Family Beach” by the Travel Channel.

Myrtle Beach Vacation Accommodations

Myrtle Beach has a very mild climate which makes it enjoyable no matter what season it is. There are plenty of accommodations for everyone, including breathtaking views of the beautiful blue Atlantic Ocean. You can vacation in anything such as condos, hotels, resorts, and villas. The options are limitless!

Famously known as The Grand Strand, Myrtle Beach consists of sixty miles of beautiful white sandy beaches. The Atlantic Oceans waters are perfect for swimming, fishing, surfing, scuba diving, etc. If you are looking for a more laid back activity, you could just take a leisurely walk on the beach.

Myrtle Beach Vacation Attractions

The Beach isn’t the only thing great about Myrtle Beach. Here you can find various types of restaurants, several shopping malls and outlets, and world-class entertainment. You can stop for a bite to eat at Benjamin’s Calabash Seafood, going for a shopping adventure at Tanger Outlets, or make reservations to see Dixie Stampede. And of course, Myrtle Beach, known as the “Golf Capital of America” has hundreds of courses to hit a long drive on. There is always something to do during your Myrtle Beach vacation no matter your budget or interest!