Broadway at the Beach Wraps Up Birthday

Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday to you…This past week marked the fifteenth birthday of Myrtle Beach’s top ranked vacation destination…Broadway at the Beach. In order to celebrate a ten day long party was held! There was everything that should be at a birthday party including cake, music, and fireworks!! Among the highlights was a live concert by the band Blues Traveler. Among Myrtle Beach’s heart of tourism are multiple theaters, including one in 3D, dozens of restaurants, and more than 100 specialty shops. There plenty of stuff for everyone in the family to do at Broadway including riding some of the old Pavilion rides, paddle boating, and animal balloon makers. These are only a few selection of what makes Broadway so unique. Unfortunately, as with all things in life, the party must come to an end. The cake is completely eaten, the fireworks are all sparkled out, and the musicians have run out of songs to sing. Broadway must keep moving forwards anticipating all of the many Birthday Parties to come!