Myrtle Beach’s Golf Courses Prosper

Everyone knows that Myrtle Beach is most notorious for its Golfing Community. Myrtle Beach offers some of the highest quality and top ranked courses in the COUNTRY … make that WORLD!!! In a recent study, the National Golf Foundation has noticed an increase in public courses in danger of going bankrupt…but the Myrtle Beach, as almost always, trend is saying opposite. According to David Durant, GM of Prestwick Country Club his business is doing well and he believes others are too. Many believe that the excellent reputation of Myrtle Beach’s golfing community helps keep it above water. Myrtle Beach is widely known as the GOLF CAPITAL of the United States, which helps it remain popular among its peers. The worst thing about Myrtle Beach Golf is the choice one must make to go to a specific course. It’s stiff competition down here, but whoever said that was a bad thing?