Myrtle Beach Wet Willie’s

Broadway at the Beach is the largest festival entertainment complex in South Carolina, with over 19 restaurants, more than 100 specialty shops, a nightclub district, movie theatre complexes, and recently built the only Zip Line Course in Myrtle Beach. Making Broadway at the Beach the tourist hot spot! Opening soon, Wet Willie’s, a highly innovative chain of Daiquiri Bar/Restaurants dedicated to serving great tasting frozen daiquiris with an honest portion of alcohol at fair prices. Serving a variety of exotic as well as classic frozen daiquiris, and their always brainstorming for new flavors! The restaurant is a casual, upbeat atmosphere, yielding the right mix of flavor, fun and success! So if your looking for a night out with friends, or a quick bit with the family, join us at Wet Willies where food, fun, and drinks are a reality!

Spring House Family Restaurant – Myrtle Beach

With three locations along the Grand Strand, Sring House Family Restaurant is became a must-stop place among residents and tourists. The restaurant offers excellent country style cuisine with exceptionally friendly staffer. They help to set the atmosphere of serene and rustic. Just the way a vacation ought to be!

At the Spring House Family Restaurant, customers can enjoy a wide variety of food. They can dine on pancakes and egs for breakfast, fried chicken and cheese steaks for lunch, and seafood and steak for dinner. Plus, there’s always room for dessert! There is never-ending fun, smiles, and food at Spring House Family Restaurant!

Myrtle Beach Pier 14

At the Pier 14 restaurant you will enjoy your time dining, laughing, and looming over the Atlantic Ocean. It is physically impossible to eat any closer to the water than at Pier 14. The restaurant itself offers plenty of scrumptious food including crab dips, burgers, and seafood.

The best part of dining at Pier 14 is that afterwards you can take a leisurely stroll out onto the pier. You will be able to admire one of the most breath taking views of the Atlantic that there is! Plus, for all you fish loving people, what better way to relax one evening than have dinner and then walk straight out to go fishing, or vice versa?

Key West Grill – Myrtle Beach

Sunsets, Crystal Blue Waters, and Bare feet are exactly the atmosphere any vacationer wants to describe. Fact is this describes the Florida Keys on the dot! There is nothing like a Caribbean lifestyle, and you can experience just that at the Key West Grill in Myrtle Beach.

At the Key West Grill you can dine inside or outside beside the water! You will enjoy the Key West inspired dishes such as Jambalaya and Mojito Grilled Chicken Breast. Also, you will enjoy their Key West inspired mixed drinks such as Key West margarita and Island Madras. So pull up a seat, order a drink, and live the Key West lifestyle at Key West Grill.

Johnny Rockets – The Original Hamburger

Johnny Rockets will take you back in time to a time of simplicity with great fun, laughter, shakes, and personal jukeboxes. There’s no way you will find a burger better than a Johnny Rockets. Plus, the shakes and malts are to die for! The friendly staff makes you fell welcomed and appreciated. They even give you free nickels to use in your own personal tabletop jukebox that plays hits such as The Beatles and Madonna! The wonderful store décor will transport back in time.

Some little known facts about Johnny Rockets is each hamburger is 1/3 lb of fresh ground beef. There #12 hamburger is named that because on a scale of 1-10 (It’s a 12)! Their milkshakes and malts are all hand dipped and made to perfection! With the laid back atmosphere and friendly staff, you will never want to leave!

Drunken Jacks – Myrtle Beach

According to an old myth there was a pirate by the name of Jack. Jack was drinking with his fellow shipmates on an island one night. The next morning while he was sleeping the hangover off, his mates left him. It wasn’t until two years later they were able to return for him, from which they discovered his bones. Drunken Jack’s Restaurant overlooks Drunken Jack’s Island in Murrells Inlet, SC.

At Drunken Jack’s, you will enjoy many tasteful meals ranging from soup to seafood. You can choose all sorts of appetizers, entrees, and desserts. The price range is anywhere from $12-$35, but it is well worth it. You will also enjoy free live music every night by Justin Mychals from 6-10 p.m. What better way to dine than with dinner and a show?

Dirty Don’s Oyster Bar and Grill

Why not sail into Key West with some scrumptious Key West style meals at Dirty Don’s Oyster Bar & Grill? At Dirty Don’s you are guaranteed a good time whether you are dining inside or out at Dirty Don’s! The staff is friendly and the food is excellent!

There is a wide array of entrees available at Dirty Don’s, not just oysters! You can choose anything from Oyster Rockefeller to steaks to steamed seafood. The entrees are limitless! Plus, you will be able to purchase some souvenirs such as shirts, hats, and towels. You’ll enjoy it so much you’ll swear “there’s a law against it.”

Damon’s Grill – Myrtle Beach

Damon’s Grill is a fifty store franchise that prides itself in its steaks, chicken, seafood, and prime rib. A must-try at Damon’s is their award winning ribs! While dining at Damon’s, you will be able to enjoy their state of the art DTV and multi screen entertainment.

While dining at Damon’s you will get the comfort of casual dressing while enjoy award winning meals. Some of the best appetizers include the Onion Loaf, Potato Skins, and Soft Pretzel Sticks. Some of the most famous entrees include the Big South Burger, Famous Bar-B-Que Ribs, and Prime Rib. You can also finish up with a slice of chocolate mousse pie or some sweet apple cobbler! YUMMM!

Chestnut Hill Restaurant

Anyone looking for some Class A quality seafood, lamb, or beef should definitely give the Chestnut Hill Restaurant a try! This fine dine cuisine restaurant is one of the best of the best inside the Myrtle Beach area. With prices ranging anywhere from $6-$27, there is sure to be something on the menu for everyone!

After being seated you will be given a wide selection of items to choose from for an entrée. Maybe you can try the Oyster Rockefeller. More of a beef kind og guy/gal, you should definitely try the 10oz. Prime Rib. If you are in the mood for something new and different, you can try a hand at eating some veal (lamb).

Buzz’s Roost – Myrtle Beach

Looking for a good cheap all-American meal? Buzz’s Roost is the perfect down home grill to enjoy a meal! With very reasonable prices, great tasting food, and wonderful entertainment Buzz’s Roost is definitely a must try! Every night of the week there is some sort of special going on at Buzz’s! No matter if it is “Tini” Tuesday or Funky Friday; you are guaranteed a great time for a great price!

At Buzz’s Roost the drinks are delicious and the meals or scrumptious! You can choose anything from Hot Wings to a Crab Cake Sandwich to a Snow Crab Dinner! The best thing is on Monday’s and Wednesdays you get one free kids meal with any adult purchase! With such an appetizing menu and great prices, Buzz’s Roost is a must when you are in Myrtle Beach!